New Book!

Very pleased to announce that Farrar, Straus, and Giroux will be publishing a new collection of stories, titled "Turtleface and Beyond" in Feb, 2015.  Watch for it!

amazon link here.





New Book Release - "43 Monsters"


 This book is a collaboration with the artist Chuck Webster, printed in limited edition by Planthouse Gallery in NYC.  It is based on a series of monster drawing which Webster did as a child.  Arthur Bradford wrote the text.  It comes out Jan. 29th.  Samples below (click to enlarge):







New Short Story, "Turtleface", in Tin House Magazine

"We were paddling our canoes down a remote, slow-moving river, a full day’s travel in either direction from the nearest road, when Otto decided to do something spectacular and stupid. Around a bend we encountered a sandy cliff rising up out of the water. Otto announced he would climb the cliff and then run down its steep face. We could all take pictures as he descended in long Olympian strides. At the end of his run, as he neared the base, Otto explained, he would launch himself into the river, a downhill running dive. It was late in the afternoon and we had all been drinking beer and whiskey..."

Read the full story here.





New Fiction in "Apology"

A new story, "Garbage" appears in issue 1 of Apology magazine.




New Fiction in "Dazed and Confused"

A new story called "It's Okay to Eat Fish" appeared in the summer issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.  The assignment was to write a peice of fiction inspired by a song lyric.  I chose the line "It's okay to eat fish because they don't have any feelings" from "Something in the Way" by Nirvana.  

From the story:

"We were fishing off the banks of the canal, a murky place full of filth and debris, when my friend Bill hooked something strange..."  

read the rest of it here.



New How's Your News? film, "Election 2012" just released!

This new film, directed by Arthur Bradford, is available as a download/stream at  

"Fucking hilarious but also weirdly revelatory...They leave many regular journalists in the dust."  - Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast

"Funny like nothing else on TV is funny." - Washington Post

"Cuts through the hype in ways the pros often could not." - NY Times 




At the Emmy's...

Didn't win (lost to Scorcese!) but it was a lot of fun...





Benny's Brigade is now available!

It should be in bookstores by now and you can find it at online too.  It's a beautiful book.  Please go get it!


Direct from McSweeney's

Powell's Books

Here's a sample page.  The artwork is incredible:





Emmy Nomination (hooray!)

Arthur Bradford's documentary "Six Days to Air" was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Nonfiction Special category. Awards are announced Sept 23rd.  See complete list of nominees here.  




Story From Backfence Event

This story was told at the BackfencePDX event held at the Mission Theater in Portland in Spring 2012.  Stories are true, told without notes or props.