"How's Your News?" Series Trailer

Created and directed by Arthur Bradford, this documentary series ran on MTV throughout 2009.  The concept was developed by Bradford along with South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who served as executive producers.  Previous "How's Your News?" films, also directed by Bradford, have appeared on HBO, PBS, and Channel Four England. 

"Hilariously Empowering" -  Entertainment Weekly - "Top ten Must List"

"Upbeat and moving…the show is a genre all to itself…funny in ways that nothing else on TV is funny.  A wickedly entertaining half-hour, one you’ll never regret having surrendered to your television set."  – Tom Shales, The Washington Post

"How’s Your News? is one of the most eye-popping, feel-good, and surreal shows that MTV has ever featured. There is nothing like it anywhere on TV, for that matter."  - Austin Chronicle